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Legislative Advocacy Works!

Legislative advocacy is a cornerstone of the League of Women Voters. League advocacy is based on member study and agreement on selected issues and involves concerted efforts to achieve public policies consistent with League positions. We then use them to prioritize and track specific legislation during the regular and interim sessions.

Voting Rights Alaska (

is the place to find all of the information about the legislative bills proposed, track the legislation, and get involved.

Each year during the Alaska State Legislative session, the LWV Alaska chapter publishes a bi-monthly newsletter on These newsletters outline our Legislative priorities, Action Alerts, and general information to know about what is going on during session in Juneau.  Keep up with our State Government and issues important to you.

The Alaska LWV Insider & The Alaska Voter

are two additional ways that we reach out and engage our members. Keep up-to-date with happenings around the state.

Did you miss an email?  Past issues of each newsletter are posted here. Beginning in 2023, we’ll post one year of newsletters in case you miss an issue.  These newsletters are usually published during non-legislative months, so keep an eye out for them.

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