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Advocating For and Supporting Alaskan Voters 

The League of Women Voters of Alaska is focused on expanding voter access, supporting efforts to keep redistricting fair, reducing the influence of money on our elections, and fighting voter suppression.  Our members take action by drafting position papers, writing to our legislators and news outlets, working with our youth, and monitoring and testifying at our State legislature in order to support issues of importance to our members.   Our work helps to ensure that  Alaskan voters are informed voters.

LWV State and National Positions

Our Alaska League studies Alaskan issues and takes positions on issues that our members support.  The League of Women Voters US takes a national approach to issues including supporting the Equal Rights Amendment, the National Popular Vote, the Freedom to Vote Act, and more.

Legislative Newsletters

The Legislative Newsletter is our bi-monthly newsletter featuring easy-to-follow summaries of the legislative process, legislation we are tracking, updates on key issues, and action alerts. This newsletter is only distributed during Alaska’s legislative session.

Digital Democracy

Democracy depends on the free flow of information and on deliberation and debate among our people and our representatives in government. The internet has rapidly become the dominant source of information for many, and it is rapidly eroding the foundations of our democracy. Maintaining and defending democracy in this context requires public policy that addresses not only the technology and commercial interests but also institutional, sociological, and political considerations. The League of Women Voters of Maine and Alaska have teamed up to provide voters with up to date information on this issue.

Government Links

Our government works better when our citizens are involved and engaged.  Often, however, we hear that people don’t know where or how to begin.  So we have created a set of links and information to many of our local and national representatives, and governments.

Anchorage Youth Vote

Anchorage Youth Vote provides a non-partisan venue for empowering youth to vote and be involved in the democratic process. Youth Vote is dedicated to providing young people, teachers, educators and the community with the relevant tools to reach this goal. The LWV-AK supports this organization and its mission and outreach.

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