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Voter Information

Supporting informed voters.

Non-voters often say they don’t vote because they aren’t well informed as to the issues, the candidates, or the process.  We want everyone to exercise their right to vote.  One of our key focus areas is voter education.  Democracy works best when everyone’s voices are heard.  Our elected leaders make critical decisions that affect everyone, and helping people make informed choices is key to making democracy work well.

Voting in Alaska

One of the priorities of the League of Women Voters of Alaska is to ensure that voters have all of the information they need to make their own decisions when voting.  Many people say they are reluctant to vote because they don’t know who to choose, or don’t know how.  Check here for registration information, Voter Guides, links to Forums & Debates, and information on Ranked Choice and Mail In Voting.

Upcoming Elections

Election information, links, and information across Alaska.  Where to go to find all the up-to-date information on the upcoming elections.

Legislation Tracking

Each legislative session brings up proposed legislation, where the legislators seek input from the public, and where the League will determine their priority legislation that we will support or work against.

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