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Why Join?

Volunteers Power our Leagues in Alaska

As a non-partisan, all-volunteer organization in Alaska, we depend on our volunteers to do everything. Our volunteers work year-round to register new voters, host community forums and debates, and provide voters with election information they need.  We engage at the local and state levels on legislative priorities and efforts to improve our elections, protect our democracy, and work on local issues in our communities.


Why Join?

Meet others in your community who are focused on making things better in our communities, people who are involved and engaged, and who will be happy to meet you.  Through participation in League projects, you can provide a valuable service to our community; gain knowledge and experience thru the study and discussion of important topics; discover new interests and new skills; make professional contacts and develop lasting friendships as you meet others who share your interests.


How much time does it take?

The time commitment is up to you! Some members join as a way to support us with their annual dues and donations.  Your membership helps the Alaska leagues and the LWVUS build a voice for democracy.  Your local Leagues get involved in a lot of different issues, and you may choose to be involved in a particular study or issue.  You can participate via Zoom at the monthly board meetings, the State meetings, or at other webinars and forums.  Or just choose to write a letter, or talk to your Alaska Senator or Representative about a topic of concern.  


What do I get?

  • As a member, you will automatically become a member of both LWV of Alaska and LWV of the United States along with your local league. The LWVUS advocates in Washington, D.C. for democracy and voters, as well as supporting grassroots civic engagement nationwide. The LWV of Alaska focuses on statewide issues, and advocates for issues with our Alaska legislature.
  • If you live in an area with a local League, you will also receive information about local events and opportunities to get involved in your community.  Local leagues focus on municipal elections, and issues of importance to their specific community.
  • As a member of the LWV of Alaska you’ll receive a legislative newsletter during the Alaska State Legislative session letting you know what is going on in Juneau.
  • You’ll join with the knowledge that you are supporting a dedicated group of volunteers around Alaska who are passionate about keeping our elections safe and secure and defending our system of democracy and free and fair elections.

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