Voting in Alaska 

In 2016, Alaska voters approved a Ballot Measure which automatically registers eligible individuals to vote when they apply for a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), unless they opt-out.

Alaskans are lucky to have this process.  Because of the stringent validation used by the Department of Revenue to ensure that only valid Alaskans are eligible to get a PFD, it means that our voter lists are kept much more up-to-date.  It also means that you don’t have to remember to register, as long as you apply yearly for your PFD.

Learn about the PFD link to Voter Registration

Moved?  Update your registration

But if you are new to Alaska and haven’t yet filed for a PFD, or you just turned 18, register here.

Ranked choice voting lets voters rank their choices based on individual preference. By ranking multiple candidates, you can still have a voice in who gets elected even if your top choice does not win.

Ranking multiple candidates ensures your vote will go toward your second, third, or fourth choice.  If your top choice is eliminated, it gives you more voice in who wins.

Why should I rank my vote?

  • If your first choice is defeated, your ballot will still count for your next highest choice.
  • You can’t hurt your favorite candidate by also ranking the other candidates. Those choices only count if your first choice is defeated.
  • You can’t help your favorite candidate by ranking only one candidate. Your first choice will always count if your favorite candidate has not been defeated.

How do I avoid mistakes on my ballot?

  • Mark only one oval per row.
  • Mark only one oval per column.
  • Rank as many candidates as you like.
  • You do not need to rank any candidate that you do not support.

If you make a mistake, ask the clerk for a new ballot.
Ask for help. You won’t be the only one with questions.


Learn More About AK Div. of Elections Ranked Choice

The next round of voting at the Alaska State and National levels will be in 2024.

There are two different ways to vote early:  

1)  In certain cities across Alaska, you can vote early in person.  It is called  “Absentee In Person” because you still need to fill out your ballot, put it in an envelope and it will be reviewed for accuracy before your vote is counted.  


2)  You can request an Absentee ballot by mail, fax or online delivery (email).  Beginning January 1st every year, you can request to have a ballot sent to you and you can fill out the ballot and return it to cast your vote, or you can apply until August 10, 2024 for the Primary Election or October 26, 2024 for General Election.  

Alaska is a “No Excuse” voting state. Anyone can apply to vote absentee by mail, fax, or online delivery. Applications open January 1st of every year.

Anyone may vote using the early and in person voting options.  

The Division of Elections has an excellent site explaining the full process.  

AK Div. of Elections Absentee & Mail-In info

New to Alaska or just turned 18?

IF you just moved to Alaska and aren’t yet eligible for a PFD –OR– IF you turn 18 later in the year that you submit your PFD application you still need to register.

Have you moved?

IF you have moved residences within Alaska during the year, you MUST update your address prior to the election or you’ll have to vote a Questioned Ballot and provide proof of residence address.

Leaving Alaska?

Don’t forget to cancel your voter registration.  The more you can do to help keep our voting lists accurate, the stronger our democracy. And please register to vote in your new location.

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